3D Printing Demo with XYZ Gantry System and Dispenser- Coordinated Multi-Axis Motion

A short demonstration video of a direct ink writing (Precision 3D Printing). We mounted a Nordson Ultimus™ V dispenser on a high performance overhead PI A-341 Hybrid Gantry System. Coordinated motion and dispensing action are controlled by PI's ACS based EtherCat motion controller and easy to operate software. More on gantry systems https://www.pi-usa.us/en/products/gantries-cartesian-robots/, and 3D printing capabilities https://www.pi-usa.us/en/tech-blog/3d-printing-gantries-systems-for-3d-printing-additive-manufacturing/. More on Multi-Axis Constant Velocity for Laser machining https://www.pi-usa.us/en/tech-blog/why-constant-velocity-and-synchronized-motion-performance-across-multiple-axes-matters-for-ultrafast-laser-machining-imaging-and-metrology/.

Run Time - 0:34mins

3D Printing Demo w/ Overhead Gantry XYZ Stage - Multi-Axis Spiral Constant Velocity Motion Control

Video Credit: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

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