PiezoWalk Motor-Based N-565 Linear Positioner from PI

This video shows Physik Instrumente (PI)’s Nexact® piezo stepping drive with subnanometer precision. The N-565 linear positioner is more compact, achieves higher velocities, and has developing forces in the range of 10 to 20 N. A suitable selection of the piezo elements optimizes step size, clamping force, velocity, and stiffness for the respective applications.

The N-565 linear positioner is 65 mm wide, has an encoder resolution of < 1 mm, and a holding force greater than 10 N. It is self-locking at rest, requires no electrical power, and does not heat up. It is nonmagnetic and vacuum compatible, and also has excellent position stability. The N-565 linear positioner has an integrated PiezoWalk® Drive, which is also self-locking at rest, maintains a constant velocity to 10 mm/s, and has a feed force up to 10 N.

The adjustable runner length of Piezowalk® drives enables variable travel ranges, and hence suitable for a range of application areas. The Piezowalk® drives  fulfill the highest requirements on position resolution, reliability, and long-term stability.

Run Time – 0:40min

Direct Drive Piezo Motors for Nanopositioning, Delay Line Stages, Nano-Alignment - How do they Work?

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