Wireless Downhole Communication, Hydro Acoustics, Underwater Communication with Advanced Piezoelectric Transducers

Piezolelectric transducers and ultrasonic transducers show unique performance in downhole and sonar applications, such as underwater locator beacons and underwater communication over long distances in the range of several miles / kilometers. To meet the specific requirements for these hydro-acoustic applications, the piezo transducers have to be designed with large surface or special geometries such as tubes, spheres or hemispheres. Piezoelectric stack actuators (https://www.pi-usa.us/en/products/piezo-actuators-stacks-benders-tubes/#c60952) can also be used for downhole communication in real-time sensing and advanced data communication applications with high temperatures to 200 degrees.

Find out more on piezoelectric transducers and their applications here: https://www.pi-usa.us/en/tech-blog/search-blog-posts-by-category/piezo-transducers-sensors/

Piezoelectric transducers can create low frequencies that can travel long distances under water. Applications of piezo technology are in direction-finding ultrasonic beacons for object detection. Piezo-based sonar technology can be also be used to control autonomous underwater vessels.

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Ultrasound Transducers f. Acoustic Telemetry, Hydro Acoustics Underwater, Downhole Communication

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