Innovative PiezoMike Linear Actuators with PIShift Piezomotor

This video shows the operation of the PiezoMike Linear Actuators with PIShift Piezomotor. The linear screw-type actuator with PIShift piezo inertia drive is provided for high-resolution and stable positioning. It offers open-loop operation, minimum dimensions, high forces, and stable positioning. It works on nonmagnetic and vacuum-compatible operating principle. The PIShift piezomotors are compact, cost-effective inertia drive (Stick-Slip). When at rest, the drive is self-locking and thus requires no current and produces no heat. It holds the position with maximum force.

Runt Time - 0:28min

N470 Miniature Opto-Mechanical Actuator with Position Sensor based on Piezo Ratchet Drive

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