IMA PL™- Hyperspectral Photoluminescence Imager from Photon etc

IMA PL™- Hyperspectral Photoluminescence Imager from Photon etc

From solar cells to live cells, the quick and comprehensive IMA PL™ hyperspectral imaging system offers photoluminescent mapping with excellent image and data quality.

Key Features

The key features of the Photon etc IMA PL™ are:

  • Fast global mapping (non scanning)
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Customization available
  • High spatial and spectral resolution
  • Complete system (source, microscope, camera, filtre, software)


Photovoltaics: The IMA PL™ hyperspectral imager is suitable for photovoltaic applications. Spectrally resolved images offer significant advantages that include micrometer scale resolution, absolute calibration of intensity and detection and excitation on a surface.

The IMA PL™ rendered images are spectrally resolved luminescence images from multicrystalline CIS solar cell that help in studying its spatial inomogenities. Also the system was compared with a classical confocal microscope that show considerable gains in acquisition time.

Thin films: Magneto-optical (MO) effects are ideal for providing in-situ mesurements of the magnetization characteristics of thin-films, at different wavelengths as well as different temperatures and even within a limited or hard to reach area.

Nanoparticle cancer therapies: The IMA PL™ hyperspectral imager, can be equipped with a highly efficient dark field condenser and generate high contrast images of biological samples like human breast cancer cells.

Technical Specifications

Spectral Range 400 - 1000 nm 900 - 1700 nm
Excitation Wavelength 532 nm 808 nm
Spectral Resolution < 2.5 nm < 4 nm
Spatial Resolution Sub-micron
Microscope Upright
Objectives 20×, 50×, 100×
Maximum Sample Format 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)
X, Y Travel Range 76 mm x 52 mm
Z Stage Resolution 1 µm
Maximum Scanning Speed 150 ms
Wavelength Absolute Accuracy 0.25 nm
Video Mode Megapixel camera for sample visualisation
Preprocessing Spatial filtering, statistical tools, spectrum extraction, data normalization, spectral calibration
Hyperspectral Data Format FITS, HDF5
Single Image Data Format JPG, PNG, TIFF, CSV, PDF, SGV
Software Computer with PHySpec™ control and analysis software included
Dimensions ≈ 40" x 30" x 30" (102 cm x 76 cm x 76 cm)
Weight ≈ 80 Kg


Laser Additional excitation wavelengths available
Camera HI Back-illuminated camera N/A
High Resolution Module N/A 900-1700 nm, FWHM < 1 nm

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