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Ultrasonic processing creates alternating waves of low and high pressure in liquids, forming small vacuum bubbles which collapse violently. This called cavitation, and can be used for deagglomeration homogenization of micrometre and nanometre-size materials, as well as cleaning, mixing and cell disintegration.
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The Q125 sonicator is a programmable ultrasonic microprocessor that is designed to effectively handle standard cell disruptions, homogenizations, DNA/RNA shearing and several other applications.
Qsonica offers a programmable ultrasonic processor called Sonicator Q125. This microprocessor-based system features a digital display of joules and wattage.
The Q55 sonicator is a compact and economical ultrasonic processor that occupies a smaller amount of work space than any other similar unit available in the market. It is effective for standard cell disruptions and several other small volume applications.
The Q1375 sonicator is designed for processing industrial scale sample volumes in individual batches or flow through applications. It consists of a 1” diameter, 10" long probe and booster. The booster is used to increase the amplitude of the probe so that larger volumes can be processed.
Qsonica offers a compact and cost-effective ultrasonic processor called Sonicator Q55. The system is designed to take up less bench space than other systems available on the market.
Qsonica offers an advanced, high power ultrasonic processor called Q700. The system offers high reproducibility and features a sophisticated touch screen interface that provides easy and intuitive user control.
The new Q700 is a highly advanced sonicator which has a modern touch screen interface, capable of smart control with a user-friendly experience. The sonicator’s best advantage is its reproducible results. Its optimized internal circuitry assures better operation, reliable end results and sample-to-sample consistency.
Qsonica offers a powerful ultrasonic processor called Q500. The system is suitable for a number of applications, such as cell lysis, nanoparticle dispersion, homogenization, and for creating emulsions.
The Q500 is a powerful ultrasonic processor sonicator with a digital display showing operating parameters and programmable operations. The equipment allows on/off times for pulses to be programmed between 1 second and 1 minute with a maximum setting of 10 hours.