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Nanoimprint Lithography or NIL is a process used to fabricate nanoscale patterns typically used in the areas of electronics, optics, photonics or biology. It creates patterns by mechanically deforming an imprint resist that is typically made from a monomer or polymer and cured using UV light. The nanoimprint lithograpy process is characterized by low cost, high throughput and high resolution and is a much simpler process than its rival optical lithography.
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The HERCULES®NIL is designed with EVG’s proprietary SmartNIL imprinting technology with resist coating, cleaning and baking preprocessing steps and is the latest addition to EVG’s NIL product range.
Built on EVG's extensive expertise in batch-type hot embossing, the EVG750® R2R hot embossing system allows continuous moulding with considerable benefits in terms of operational speed and device throughput.
EV Group's EVG770 Automated NIL Stepper is designed for step and repeat large area UV-Nanoimprint Lithography (UV-NIL) processes compatible for 100 mm up to 300 mm wafers. The NIL Stepper covers applications like life science, optical components, mastering, 3D-Lithography and R&D for semiconductor devices.
The IQ Aligner UV-NIL System allows for micromolding and nanoimprinting processes with stamps and wafers from 150 mm to 300mm diameter. Uniform contact force for high yield large area printing is provided by EV Group's proprietary chuck design which supports both soft and hard stamps. Configurations include release mechanisms for stamps from imprinted substrates.
EVG® 7200 nanoimprint system is an automated device incorporated with EVG's SmartNIL technology. The system facilitates the advanced soft stamp and manufacturing of nano-and microscale structures at a large scale.
The EVG PHABLE exposure system integrates an exclusive, contactless, mask-based lithography approach that allows high-resolution, full-field, and cost-efficient micro- and nanopatterning. The system leverages EVG's extensive expertise in photolithography and has been specifically designed for producing photonic components.
EVG® 720 UV nanoimprint system is designed with an innovative SmartNIL technology which when combined with EVG's material expertise results in the mass production of micro- and nanoscale structures.
The EVG6200 Infinity automated nanoimprint lithography system is the culmination of EV Group's new aligner-technology roadmap. A variety of stamps and substrates sizes from 75mm-to-200mm can be accommodated on the EVG6200 Infinity for nanoimprint lithography applications.
The EVG520HE Semi-automated Hot Embossing System is designed for embossing and nanoimprinting applications. This production-proven system from EVG accepts substrates up to 200 mm and is compatible with standard semiconductor manufacturing technologies.