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Plasma etching is a form of plasma processing used to fabricate integrated circuits. It involves a high-speed stream of glow discharge (plasma) of an appropriate gas mixture being shot (in pulses) at a sample. The plasma source, known as etch species, can be either charged or neutral.
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The Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology OpAL system is a compact open-load system designed for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).
Oxford Instruments’ PlasmaPro Estrelas100 deep silicon etch technology has been specifically developed for the R&D market and delivers excellent process performance and flexibility.
The AutoGlow Plasma Cleaning System is an automatic tuning, 300 watt, table-top RF plasma system that provides an extremely efficient, uniform plasma for lab applications. It has been designed with the latest developments in RF technology to allow users a safe and rugged RF plasma system at a reasonable price.
The PlasmaPro 1000 Stratum PECVD tool from Oxford Instruments offers excellent benefits for manufacturers of LED.
The K1050X Plasma Etcher/Asher/Cleaner is a modern, solid-state RF plasma barrel reactor designed to meet the requirements of research and development and small-scale production for a wide and varied range of plasma etching, plasma ashing and plasma cleaning applications.
The small scale system TETRA-30-LF-PC fromDiener Electronic features a 30 litre chamber volume and is used for production in the domains: cleaning, etching and activation.
Oxford Instruments’ FlexAL systems offer a new range of capability and flexibility in the fabrication of nanoscale structures and devices by providing remote plasma atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes and thermal ALD inside a single ALD system.
Oxford Instruments’ Ionfab 300Plus ion beam etch and deposition system provides the flexibility to operate etch and/or deposition and increases system utilisation.
Tekna’s PFR400 fine powder feeding system is an advanced powder feeder designed to feed powders sizes from 10 µm and below and a constant feed rate. Tekna’s technology facilitates pulse-free feeding of the most difficult powders to feed.
The PlasmaPro System400, from Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, is a magnetron sputtering process tool for Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD).