Applied Biosystems (ABI) 3200 Q-TRAP LC/MS/MS PACKAGE

Title: Applied Biosystems (ABI) 3200 Q-TRAP LC/MS/MS PACKAGE
Company: International Equipment Trading Ltd.
Location: Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA
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Applied Biosystems 3200 Q-Trap LC/MS/MS System- manufactured in 2007. The system is complete with QTRAP worktable station, HS 602 vacuum pump, Sciex turbo ion spray source, system installation guide, operator's manual, tuning and calibration guide and Analyst 1.4.1 & LightSight software (for metabolite analysis) pre-loaded on Windows XP PC.

Patented hybrid triple quadrupole/linear ion trap technology takes you far beyond the capabilities of any conventional ion trap, enabling you to screen, identify, and quantitate proteins or small molecules in a single analysis. By combining true triple quadrupole scanning functionality with sensitive linear ion trap scans, you can reduce analysis time and get more information from every experiment. Multiple systems available. Rent or lease to own options are available.


  • Mass Accuracy (with internal reference): 20 mmu
  • Dynamic Range: 1 cps to 4x106 cps (pulse counting)
  • Mass Range: m/z 5-1,700-quad mode and 50-1,700- linear ion trap mode
  • Scan speed: up to 2400 amu/sec in quad mode, up to 4000 amu/sec in linear ion trap mode

With a linear dynamic range of four orders of magnitude, the 3200 Q TRAP® system provides the quantitation performance that triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS systems are known for. The system performs Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) scans for highest quantitative sensitivity.

Please contact us for complete used/refurbished ABI QTRAP 3200 system, warranty and service contract details.

Close Date: October 1, 2015
Phone: +1 (847) 913-0777
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