Olympus BX51

Title: Olympus BX51
Company: International Equipment Trading Ltd.
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Olympus BX51 fluorescence microscope (BX51TRF, NO2L07690) with Olympus DP70 camera attachment (U-TVO 5XC-2, 3E00441), Binocular WH1022/5 Eyepieces, 5 position objective turret; 10x -100x, motorized stage, DP 70 camera software, PC control board (AQ8222, DV506002) and joy stick.


  • Bright 12V/100W halogen illumination source is ideal for transmitted light viewing
  • The frame has two built-in neutral density filters (ND6, ND25), one daylight balancing filter, and one empty slot for an optional filter-fluorescence illuminator optional
  • A light intensity, preset switch ensures reproducible lighting for photomicrography
  • Ergonomic Y-shaped frame for maximum stability and comfort, with low position focus control knobs located on both the left and right sides of the frame
  • Modular design and infinity optics system allows easy attachment of accessories without any compromise in image
  • Large 22mm field of view reduces scanning time (a superwide trinocular head and eyepiece combination with a 26.5mm field of view is available as an option)
  • UIS2 optics deliver bright, sharp, high-contrast images
  • The 8-position universal condenser, with either a dry or oil top lens, enables you to perform brightfield, darkfield, Phase Contrast, DIC, polarization, andfluorescence with all objectives from 1.25x to 100x

The BX51 research microscope offers increased rigidity coupled with easy-to-operate front controls on a compact space-efficient frame. The new research microscope is a union of the expanded range of Olympus infinity corrected optical systems (UIS2 - universal infinity system) and advanced fluorescence or differential interference contrast DIC (Nomarski) technology. Based around an enhanced Y-shaped frame, an extended range of accessories and objectives can be used. The rigid design accepts a variety of heavy attachments required for today's discerning microscopists and their various techniques and accessories.

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Close Date: October 1, 2015
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Email: info@ietltd.com
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