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ABI API 3000 LC/MS/MS System

Title: ABI API 3000 LC/MS/MS System
Company: International Equipment Trading Ltd.
Location: Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA
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Refurbished Applied Biosystems ABI API 3000 LC/MS/MS system, complete with turbo ion spray source, ABI 3000 stainless steel custom table, bracket injector, Varian DS602 external roughing pump s/n 202386, 10 L waste bottle, vacuum hose, Dell Optiplex GX300 PC s/n 6QBM101 with Windows 2000 Professional, ABI Analyst 1.3 Software, GPIB interface card with cable, DIGI interface board p/n 5001136-01 (accommodates up to 8 external devices LC etc. by Analyst) with 8-channel cable p/n 63000205-01A, 19" Dell Monitor, keyboard and mouse or with new Dell, Windows XP and Analyst 1.4.1. The API 3000 is a triple quadropole mass spectrometer with a mass range of 5-3000 m/z.

All systems have been maintained under service contracts while in operation. Certified and decommissioned by Applied Biosystems. Additional pictures available upon request.

Multiple systems available. Please contact us for complete used and refurbished ABI/API 3000 system, warranty and service contract details.

Close Date: October 1, 2015
Phone: +1 (847) 913-0777
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