Perceptive Biosystems/ABI Mariner ESI-TOF

Title: Perceptive Biosystems/ABI Mariner ESI-TOF
Company: International Equipment Trading Ltd.
Location: Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA
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Perceptive Biosystems/ABI Mariner ESI-TOF Biospectrometry workstation (p/n 601231) includes nano spray source, Edwards RV8 roughing pump, PC with Mariner v. 3.0 software, and manuals. OPTIONAL: APCI source and Turbo ion spray sources available. These optional sources may be substituted with the nano spray source at no additional cost.

ESI-TOF technology combines the advantage of rapid sampling of analyte ionized at atmospheric pressure with the high mass accuracy of TOF analysis. ESI-TOF (API TOF) technology:

  • Can simultaneously detect the entire mass range, in what is called multiplexing or parallel detection.
  • Provides high resolution and mass accuracy compared to conventional scanning techniques.
  • Can provide real-time information from LC analyses.
  • Is useful for quantitation, particularly when coupled with LC separation.
  • Can detect non-covalent interactions, because minimal energy is introduced during ionization.
  • Provides accurate mass values for precursor and product ions generated from in-source fragmentation.

Please contact us for complete used/refurbished ABI Mariner ESI TOF system, warranty and service contract details.

Close Date: October 1, 2015
Phone: +1 (847) 913-0777
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