Thermo Finnigan Deca XP Plus

Title: Thermo Finnigan Deca XP Plus
Company: International Equipment Trading Ltd.
Location: Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA
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Thermo Finnigan Deca XP Plus complete with 2 each BOC Edwards E2M30 rotary pumps, orthogonal ESI probe, PC, Windows 2000 Professional, XCalibur 1.3 software, 19" Monitor, mouse, keyboard and manuals. Please inquire about the optional new PC with Windows XP professional , 17' LCD monitor and new Xcalibur 2.0 with license. Optional Thermo Surveyor autosamplers, MS pumps and Michrom Paradigm AS1 autosamplers are available. Please contact us for complete system, warranty and service contract details.

The LCQ™ Deca XP Plus, the latest addition to the LCQ family, redefines sensitivity and performance in an ion trap mass spectrometer. With enhanced ion optics and Ion Sweep™ gas, the LCQ Deca XP Plus delivers superior sensitivity and non-stop data generation for a variety of advanced LC/MS applications. Fully-automated MS capabilities and advanced Data Dependent™ experiment design features make analysis of low-abundance compounds in any matrix routine. Powerful Xcalibur® software accelerates data analysis and simplifies the generation of results while providing a single platform to control LC/MS experiments. With cutting-edge hardware design, outstanding reliability and intelligent software, the LCQ Deca XP Plus is the benchmark instrument for applications such as metabolism and proteomics.

The industry's first APCI/APPI combination ion source allows ionization of compounds not classically accessible to LC/MS.

MULTIPLE UNITS AVAILABLE. Please contact us for more information.

Close Date: October 1, 2015
Phone: +1 (847) 913-0777
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