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EV Group Wafer to Wafer Bond Aligner Smartview

Title: EV Group Wafer to Wafer Bond Aligner Smartview
Company: Capovani Brothers Inc.
Location: Scotia, NY, USA
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The EV Group (EVG) Smartview® Bond aligner and EV Group (EVG) 540 Wafer Bonder are used in the production of MEMs and in the emerging fields of 3D IC Packaging and Through-Silicon Via (TSV) interconnects.

A 3D integrated circuit (3D IC) is a single integrated circuit built by stacking silicon wafers and/or dies and interconnecting them vertically. This is achieved by persisly aligning devices on two silicon wafers and subsequently bonding them together. The result is they behave as a single device. By using TSV technology, 3D ICs can pack a great deal of functionality into a small “footprint.” This technology is not olny used in the production of MEMS, but also in the fabrication of CMOS image sensors, and memory devices.

Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer EVG
Model Smartview Bond Aligner
Description 300mm Wafer to Wafer Bond Aligner
Wafer Size Range
Minimum 150 mm
Maximum 300 mm
Set Size 300 mm
Other Information
  • High resolution alignment stage with DC servomotors in X, Y and Theta
  • Alignment accuracy +/- 1 um (one sigma) with 20x objectives
  • Top and bottom stage with precision measurement system
  • Complete computer control of all mechanical movements in the aligner.
  • 17" flat screen for operator interface and alignment functions
  • Joystick control of all alignment movements and microscope movement in Z.
  • Unique three spindle alignment stage for shift free Z movements
  • Remote Diagnostics via modem
Year of Manufacture 2005
CE Marked YES
Exterior Dimensions
Width 52.000 in (132.1 cm)
Depth 47.000 in (119.4 cm)
Height 80.000 in (203.2 cm)
Weight 1,534 lb (696 kg)
Close Date: January 26, 2018
Phone: 1(518) 346 8347
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