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Focused Ion Beam (FIB) systems utilize a finely focused beam of gallium ions operated at low-beam currents for imaging and at high-beam currents for site-specific milling. Their versatility makes them popular for a wide variety of applications including advanced circuit edit, and revealing below-the-surface defects in advanced materials and devices.
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The AutoProbe™ 200 is Omniprobe's most popular nano-manipulator system. It is a fully automated, multi-purpose nano-positioning system capable of in-situ lift-out, electrical measurements, nano-mechanical testing and charge neutralization in the FIB, Auger or SEM. The computer controlled system offers high throughput, high accuracy (100nm standard, 10nm optional) and a field-proven excellent success rate for all tasks.
Omniprobe was the first company to offer tools specifically tailored for TEM sample preparation inside the FIB and drove the revolutionary process now known as in-situ lift-out across the industry. Two Sample Transfer Systems are offered by Omniprobe. The Sensitive Sample Transfer (SST) is an integrated system used to transfer environmentally sensitive samples from the FIB to any other analytical instrument. The Generic Load Lock (GLL™) is an integrated system used to transfer samples into and out of the FIB or SEM.
The OmniGIS™ is Omniprobe's new multiple gas injection system for the FIB or SEM. It provides programmable feedback control of three on-board gas sources and an additional external purge/carrier gas source while occupying only a single GIS port! The user can create and recall complex process flows.
The external Short-Cut™ tool is an important component of the AutoProbe™ 300 integrated solution. The Short-Cut™ accomplishes fast and easy ex-situ attachment of the lift-out sample to a TEM grid. This step greatly improves FIB utilization since the former in-situ grid attach step is eliminated. The Short-Cut™ ex-situ sample attach process is simple and reliable.